I also do many, many donations of paintings to .org silent auctions and raffles. My animal paintings have raised lots of money for animal welfare groups, refugee paintings for Syrian refugees, indigenous peoples paintings for education and health groups. You may contact me directly about donations as well. Framing costs for my work are reasonable unless you want something elaborate. Thanks for visiting.

The more I think on it, the more I feel that the most artistic thing is to love people.

- Vincent Van Gogh

All paintings here and on my Facebook page, Honora's Watercolors, can be purchased at reasonable prices. Image size for most is approximately 9X12"; some smaller, some larger. Depending on size, complexity of the image, prices go from $75-$250 matted. Frames are extra. I have many more images at my Facebook page. Email me at honorawatercolors@gmail.com or message me at Facebook for details about any image you see.

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