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50-75% of proceeds from ALL purchases donated to environmental and animal welfare causes.

As children, we are all artists, but life can lead us in many directions. After years with various careers (book design, Chinese medicine, teaching, marketing), I had the luck to return to the demanding mistress of watercolor. This has now become a late-in-life career. Proceeds from ALL sales of my work are donated to non-profits that work to promote life on earth...endangered species and their habitats: EarthJustice, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Wild Foundation, and World Wildlife Fund to name a few.

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It is a better world with some buffalo left in it, a richer world with some gorgeous canyons unmarred by signboards... or high-tension lines, undrowned by power or irrigation reservoirs. If we preserved as parks only those places that have no economic possibilities, we would have no parks. And in the decades to come, it will not be only the buffalo and trumpeter swan who need sanctuaries. Our own species is going to need them too.             
~Wallace Stegner

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"In the fleeting time we have on this earth, 
what matters is not wealth,
 or status, or power, or fame, but rather, 
how well we have loved, 
and what small part we have played 
in making the lives of other people, other creatures, better."

~ President Barack Obama

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